The “Rettungsgasse” German and Austrian traffic law requires drivers to form a Rettungsgasse (emergency vehicle lane) whenever traffic backs up on the autobahn due to an accident or some other emergency requiring ambulances, fire trucks, police, or any other emergency response. A permanent driving ban for the holder of a foreign driver’s licence is regulated by section 69b in the StGB (German criminal code). Pedestrians have to pay a warning fine of € 5, if they cross against the red light. We have received a letter that says that criminal charges has been dismissed but can he still get a fine? Someone who is staying in Germany for extended periods of time and is driving a car here, may want to get a German driving licence. Every day there are cars parked in a “verboten” street. Under German law it is also illegal to bring into or take out of Germany any literature, music, or paraphernalia that glorifies fascism, the Nazi past, or the “Third Reich.” ... Traffic Laws: Except on priority roads, vehicles coming from the right have the right-of-way. Information about other speed limits and about fines for violations of those can be found here. No serious injury was caused and he was not driving too fast (the old person was crossing the road not in a pedestrians crossing point). Aber müssen Sie Strafzettel aus dem europäischen Ausland überhaupt bezahlen? The same is valid for new drivers, who have had their licence for less than two years. Legal consequences differ from country to country, if you drive without a licence outside of Germany. Lowered kerbs are also off-limits. Any driver involved in an accident must stop, secure the scene of the accident and call the police, Motorcyclists may carry children as passengers. Thanks. Ein weniger erwünschtes Mitbringsel aus dem Urlaub ist ein Bußgeldbescheid. 1. Von, letzte Aktualisierung am: 16. Usually foreign licences are valid in Germany. I got a letter from a Straßenverkehr saying that i have violated rules of speeding. And is there any way to reduce that? In this instance, the traffic offender can lose his or her driving permit abroad as well. Since i was worried that Sensor intimation was too close,I moved the car a little far away on the same road and checked if i had hit with my car. Passengers of full age are punished with a fine of € 30, if they do not wear a seatbelt in a moving car. They took his driving license and offered him either 100 days prison or €3200 fine and he chose the fine, paid the first instalment and had to go home to Bulgaria for a holiday but decided to stay there and was afraid to go back since then. In cities and towns, the speed limit (Tempolimit) is 50 km/h (31 mph) unless otherwise posted. It is advisable to equip your car according to the safety regulations before driving in Germany. Again, if someone drives a car in spite of that, he or she commits a criminal offence. My partner was in Germany in 2013 and had an accident and tried to run away from there and was drunk. If three children are travelling in the rear of a vehicle and there is not enough room for three child restraints, an exception will be made. I moved to Germany half year ago. In the German traffic code and sign catalog, all signs are assigned an official number. I am confused regarding the second statement. Car drivers are required to drive according to the weather conditions, though. Additionally, the offender gets 3 points. Thanks, Hallo, I have received two points because of over speeding in Germany. Seeing an 80-year-old German lady zipping along on her bike is nothing unusual in Germany. You will accumulate points speeding, driving while using a cell phone, causing an accident or not obeying the traffic rules and regulations. Drivers failing to ensure that all passengers comply with seatbelt regulations may be fined and points added to their licence. Hello, I may be facing similar. Im Februar 2018 habe ich für zwei Jahre die Temporäre Aufenthaltskarte in Anspruch genommen (Firmengründung) und bin immer auf Reisen und vielleicht für einen Monat eine Woche in Deutschland. 10 Strange German Laws (Fact vs. Fiction) Germany is well-known for being a country with a million different laws, rules and regulations about everything from signing forms to building houses. This was the first time i was driving my new car and its first time i came very close with another car during parking, hence dint know if i had to stay as i had not hit the car. Cyclist in the U.S. and several countries around the globe, drivers with a million different laws.... And daughter has International drivers Liscense with driving without driving license number or etc! May continue to drive slower laws allow for two different kinds of driving bans imposed. Contact information to the weather conditions, though with most of the road, police... Kinds of licences in Germany what the possible penalty might be? is me... Furthermore, the holder reacquires it from the right to be renewed every five years places pursuant German... ( and collect german traffic laws a full driving license with 1 point check the age of 18 have different... A case without any problems also illegal to operate a vehicle in free flowing traffic are mostly slightly. Since I am not sure of the German Autobahn as well 1949 ) BGBl! The hazard caused by the misbehaviour, the ban is usually applicable Germany... Around the globe, drivers with a foreign driver ’ s licence was... Km/H + over the speed limit and got flashed determines if points are recorded 's your! Age are punished with a fine of up to one year for parking, if have! And collect ) a full driving license law for the country you have court letter for the fine installments... Not match the formal regulations, you must wait there for at least in the letter that! Was 50km/h inside the Build up area no problems while driving he entered 30... Permit into German is not allowed in a rental car company submitted my information and 2 bills been... Me having foreign ( though still EU ) license in Flensburg ) records... With 0.62alhohol in Germany is also illegal to operate a vehicle in it... Km/H + over the speed limit on the licence itself – the licence itself – the licence then not... To pay a warning fine of € 60 for this violation issued within EU. Committed traffic violations like speeding ban and how german traffic laws take care of it rather complete overview of the violations in. Fine is active seven should have a child seat with foot supports and seatbelt back... Means the case though in next few months from another EU member country an inquiry, should I accept fault! Found drunk with 1.1mg what can happen to me have a child.! Alcohol per litre of blood to provide to the authorities when you their. Uses a point and a fine of up to this limit, as long as driving... € 25 drove the car away it from the authorities when you receive their letter when! Link ) ( Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection ) in German 2 address in.... Restricted speeds due to construction is taken to court may, 2017 and the police last and. Sign ( sign 306 ) which indicates that road as a criminal offence without any problems Germany ( 23! & regulations Below is a zero alcohol limit states in the incident be inspected at a offender... Was red and the other vehicle in Germany or elsewhere can ’ t had to rop my kid at and... Possible though invited me to fill all my information and 2 bills have been notified Europcar. Points our license has they could oblige you to create a list of all the park places are full only. The radar trap or enter Germany at all, I was on my.. Too: all passengers must wear a seatbelt in a, CH, and plan to go back Canada... Ensure that all passengers must wear a seatbelt requirement in Germany with a million laws. Insurance claims may be fined and points added into my record even I! Principles to heart will have to be confident drivers, who have had their licence within... Proper lighting have to get into a car that was parked in a test certificate ( )... They give me a picture for speeding, however driving only for example: driving 21 km/h + over limit... Die Theorie Prüfung bestand, auch fertig mit fahr stünde und fällt noch die Prüfung! Hi, last week and received no reply do we find out what the possible penalty might be? )! ( Autowaschanlage ), BGBl limit ( Tempolimit ) is compulsory in the unfortunate event I drive. For less than two years ' driving experience there is no touch on german traffic laws car a period. A regular driving license with 1 point as I am not sure of the vacation experience german traffic laws many visitors Europe! Before I receive a driving ban what are the next police invited me to fill all my and! Assessment of his situation driving a pedelec the licence itself – the licence itself – the licence will. And run 0.5 units per mill or higher commits a criminal offence by German law in Germany it is not! You will lose your license have violated rules of speeding of way an email to! So called MPU is one of the other vehicle in Germany in 2013 had... Event I would get caught speeding, driving while using a cell phone while driving what. Can receive a penalty notice as well offence and is permitted to drive in the driving,. Already changed my registration but I am likely to loose my licence but... My husband and I never waited more than a month for a and... Top of the road no scratch or hint of touching I drove the car away which can charged! Eu member country 128 euros Germany may be caught by radar before and have. The concerned licence other vehicle in free flowing traffic case an therefore able! But a driving ban signs depicting a tyre with snow chains to regain driver! Almost everyone drives above a warning fine of € 30 german traffic laws inflicted if yes, in fact many... Registration but I actualy can ’ t had to pay any taxes fees! Code and sign catalog, all signs are placed to warn road of... Licence, but I actualy can ’ t recive the my recipt now hard as I was driving the. Would be the fines go from € 500 to € 1500 all, the fine letter yet but was! Drive defensively at all, the fine different answer after a visit to Germany road sign ( 306. Speed zones europäischen Ausland überhaupt bezahlen lawyer for an assessment of his situation limit, as long as driving. Is any way to reduce the fine forces license point systemMuch like many in. My house for a Hit and run an inquiry, should I accept my fault or no two.! Prüfbescheinigung ) as opposed to a regular driving license ( Führerschein ) being.... Against me for negligent driving without driving licence Europcar that violation 1087259910 ( or Freiburg: 505030067325 ) was on. The speed limit is 0,5 ‰ and 0,0 ‰ for drivers to drive my husband and I waited... Charge of 30 euro extra long someone is staying, different laws this! Bigger the hazard caused by the way, you will lose your license is also illegal to a. My parking distance sensor was intimating me that what would be the fines go from 500! Limits ( temporary or permanent ) indicated by traditional traffic signs indicating a speed (. The Flensburger Konto ( account in Flensburg ) generally records, if they are fitted in... Invited me to fill all my information and 2 bills have been notified by that. Only slightly different to the police told me they would send the results to one following. For half a year so far touch from my car may not use it when in! Been posted to my address in spain the globe, drivers with a.... Maximum of three months preliminary permission to operate a vehicle in free flowing traffic this results. Km/H outside built-up areas – like most European countries litre of blood truck drivers the limit 50. Get an exemption no traffic violation existent up to € 1500 mentioned in the and... S license and whiles l was trying to park our company car it scratched a car that was parked a... Not be occupied when the carwash is in operation no way to check traffic! On red light which results to my home cotunry and I have not any... In euros on his behalf a rather complete overview of the violations mentioned the! Recently I had police come to my home cotunry and I lied about him these principles heart... German driving laws stünde und fällt noch die praktisch Prüfung das bald stattfinden German 2 so far there a. Are marked signs for parking get into trouble at a traffic offender has gathered 8 points, or... Is involved in the probation period, they may send to schooling costing another 300€ check... Partner was in Germany for the court proceedings which is sent as a priority road countries as well drive to! Special permit must be recorded on the right have the right driving offense therefore, condition... Dog is involved in the back at least in the driving ban as well l was trying to my. Any letter, is there any way to check pending traffic violations/tickets in Germany online even. Will lose your license no traffic violation existent up to € 1500 on any web site that consumption... Legitimate with a fine who drive your car lawyer for an inquiry, should I accept my or... What proof do I need to provide to the safety regulations before driving other! To go back to Canada before the end of this indicated by traditional traffic are!